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Friday, December 23, 2011

isn't it CUTE and FRESH?

Every child is SPECIAL. While he/she is still a baby, give them COMFORT and LOVE. Because we never know when they grow up, children may change according to what they want as a child. As early as now, babies should cared well and guided by PARENTS. The Parents also must look for the better side when handling the child.

  • respect child's decision when growing old
  • have deeper understanding towards their child
  • have connection in dwelling things
  • know the child's privacy
  • update the child about his/her feelings

Living with happy family will give extraordinary meaning to a child :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trees are an important part of our daily lives. They also absorb carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and give us oxygen to breathe. Trees make our environment beautiful with their different colours, flowers and shapes and they provide us with shade and relief from the sun's heat and harmful rays. Trees help absorb the rain and help stabilize the weather. Trees are very important to us! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

THE AUERBACH WILL By Stephen Birmingham

--- PART I ----
Reflect -     I felt like it was hard and unsure for Esther to speak out to his father when she said that she’s going to marry Jake Auerbach. Esther wanted to live like a normal person without limitations and to experience being a young girl who believes for success. And I think it was a right decision because Esther reached her dream and became successful business woman together with her husband. I know that every person has a capability of doing good jobs for we are born gifted child. It is not about religion but it is all about accepting each imperfection.

Connect-    Joan (Esther’s daughter) and I have the same connection when we are young. When I was around four years old to seven years old I always get jealous to my little brother. I always wanted to be first person every time we are playing, eating, and even watching on our favorite television cartoon character. I wanted to look best to our parents. There was a time when he took my book in my room. And that made me mad whole day because I thought it was lost. So, I confronted him and pinched him in his shoulder. I really get angry with him. I do not want to do that but I easily get irritated when he borrows my stuffs without my permission. I do not know why but, it seems that I do not welcome him as my own brother in the family.

Question-  Is there really love between Esther and Jake? It seems that they are not ready for the marriage because if they do, both should not committee to another relationship. What is/are the reason/s why Esther keeps the secret to her children? Is it that too confidential to know about? Is it necessary to trust anyone in the company especially if this person has lots of secret?

Predict-      As long as Joan got her part of her mother’s last will and testament, I think Joan will be shocked for knowing the enclosed statement written in the will. I think she will publish the inequality of her mother’s favoritism. Since Joan is a competitive daughter towards other Auerbach siblings, I think Joan will blame Josh for that case. Joan will blame Josh for living with them that caused lots of unrevealed secrets to the Auerbach family especially to Esther’s.

--- PART II ---

December 12, 2011

Stephen Birmingham
200 Madison Avenue, New York
New York


Good Day!
I am Marie Ellen Jane Belandres, 2nd year AB ENGLISH student of MSU-GENSAN.

I was fascinated with your novel entitled The Auerbach Will for it has contained lots of engrossing scenes. I was inspired because I have read your bestselling novel and it really thought me lots of lessons to be learned in life.
I am looking forward to see your new books. I would appreciate if you can advise the undersigned.

Thank You and God bless.

Sincerely Yours,
Marie Ellen Jane N. Belandres

Saturday, December 10, 2011

  ang kyoot ni kuya oh-
haha! ♥
macho ang dating niya sa camera,
with projection pa :)

look how nature are made :)

sunset is so amazing :)

wow. cool place-

nice capture-

sarap tingnan ng sunset pag kasama mo si someone-

parang boracay lng?

Monday, December 5, 2011


you know what, i never heard this kind of couple which is very fun and cool to watch. i do not know but, they catches my attention:) they became famous in youtube and guested lots of shows here in the Philippines. so i hope this would lasts until the end because they inspire many people :)